Hailing from Scituate Massachusetts, Emergency Exit is a band that has endured through labor of love and a passion for music since 2003. Originally founded by three teenage friends playing punk covers on cheap guitars in a small suburban bedroom, Emergency Exit has evolved into a mature rock outfit that’s recorded several full length albums and played shows across New England. Largely recording, producing, and releasing its own records, the band’s foundation is rooted in DYI mentality that has shaped their records with deeply layered guitars and vocals. The latest iteration of the group, consisting of Brendan Farragher (vocals/guitar), Sam Johnson (vocals/guitar), Alex Ferris (bass), and Ben Johnson (drums/vocals), features a songwriting duo much in the spirit of major influencers the Lawrence Arms, The Menzingers, and Alkaline Trio. Exit’s latest album, “It’s a Classic!”, finds the band continuing to expand upon their sound while opining on what it knows best: life, love, and the constant struggle to grow up.

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